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Lilly Pilly Preschool offers a safe home-like environment based on the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and we are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework

The objectives of Lilly Pilly Preschool include: PLAY, PLAY AND MORE PLAY

  • To nurture in each child a sense of Belonging. We recognize that the child's family is their first teacher and we strive to extend on this by helping to make the children feel as comfortable as possible and part of our Lilly Pilly Family.
  • To nourish in each child a sense of Being, to experience what is happening now, life in the present. For the children in our care to fully experience being four or five years old without the pressure of feeling rushed or hurried to grow up. For the Kingdom of Early Childhood to be celebrated within our Lilly Pilly home so the children feel celebrated and accepted for who they are and that the children are given space and time to be children. Play is vitally important.
  • For the children to feel supported in their sense of Becoming as they experience changes as they grow, learn and develop and for our educators to honour and respect the unfolding development of the children in our care.


Lilly Pilly Community Preschool believes very strongly in Play and Predictability for our young children. Also the importance of the three R's: Rhyme, Repetition and Rhythym. We advocate for schools preparing to receive the child rather than preschools preparing the children for school.