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Will my child get in?

At Lilly Pilly we do have a long waiting list, we take all the children in Brunswick Heads/ Bayside first.

Then Ocean Shores, Tyaggarah, Myocum, Mullumbimby and surrounding zones.

Children turning 5 in the year of enrolment get first priority.

What days are available?

We take 30 children aged 3 and a half to 5 yrs.
15 in Frangipani Flower Friends and 15 in Honey Hum Hive.  We are licenced for 30 children per day.
We offer two 5 day fortnight programs : 
Blossoms: Every Monday, Tuesday and  second Wed's. ( Week 1 is Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Week 2 is Monday and Tuesday).
Possums: Every Thursday, Friday and  second Wed's. (Week 1 is Thursday and Friday and Week 2 is Wed, Thursday and Friday).

What to bring / Welcome Handout for new families

    What should we do when my child arrives at the preschool?

    Take your child  to the locker area and encourage them to unpack his/her own bag while you wait, this will help to foster your child's growing independence. It is important that we know your child has arrived so if we are outside first thing in the morning please come and say hello. It is also important to always say 'goodbye' when you are leaving, even if your child is upset as this reinforces trust and is part of the goodbye routine. There is a 'sign on and off'  book beside the door of each playroom and this must be signed at the beginning and end of each day by whoever is responsible for delivering and collecting your child.

    Please remember that children will not be allowed to leave the centre with anyone who has not been authorised by their parents or guardians to collect them.

    How are parents kept informed about their child's progress and participation?

    At Lilly Pilly we use an online system through '', this site is an interactive system that allows parents to follow all aspects of their child's development and what happens in our week. In the first week beginning your Lilly Pilly journey you will receive an email instructing you on how to access this user friendly application.

    What are the Session Times?

    Our centre is licensed for children to attend only between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00 pm. We ask that you honour these times as it is important for our educators to have the time to set up in the morning and be ready for the children's arrival. Likewise in the afternoon we need time to tidy up and participate in our daily meeting of evaluation/reflection. If you arrive early, please make use of the park next door. We ask that children be on time so that they will not miss out on any of the planned program for the day.

    What should my child wear?

    Freedom to explore is important at Preschool. Children learn through exploring their environment and experimenting with materials. Clothing which allows freedom of movement and can easily be laundered without worry about staining is most suitable. Pants that are easily managed for toileting encourage independence and help avoid accidents.

    Shoes that are comfortable, easy to put on and take off and safe for climbing are most suitable. Thongs/ Crocs can be dangerous when climbing and are best kept at home.

    A clearly marked summer sun hat is essential and we ask that this live at the preschool from day one. This means your child always has their own hat here and it is one less thing parents have to worry about finding and packing.

    My child has been sick but they really want to go to preschool,when can they return?

    The Centre is bound by Department of Health regulations.  Infectious diseases can spread quickly among young children. Some children are at particular risk from exposure. It is therefore very important that parents notify the Director immediately if their child is suspected of having an infectious disease. 

    Parents will be informed if there has been a notified case of an infectious disease in the centre. To minimise the spread of infection, it is important for children to be kept at home ...

    • for 24 hours after an attack of vomiting or diarrhoea has ceased, or
    • if they have a cold with thick, sticky, yellow mucous from the nose, or
    • if they have influenza (rapid onset of fever [high temperature], headache, runny nose, sore throat and cough) for five days after the appearance of the first symptoms.

    I need to change my child's enrolment information. What should I do?

    It is important that we can contact you in case of emergency. Any changes in personal and business addresses and telephone numbers should be notified to the Director immediately. Some changes in personal circumstances can affect children's emotions, health and behaviour. Please inform the Director of any such changes in your family. This information will be treated confidentially.

    Our circumstances have changed and I need to cancel my child's space at Preschool. What happens now?

    If families wish to cancel a child's Preschool space during the Preschool year, written notice of cancellation is required two weeks prior to the date of cessation. 

    How can I pay my child's pre-school fees?

    Our Book-keeper Sue will issue an account via email within the first two weeks of term. 

    Payments are via Direct Deposit by 'Internet Banking' via your own banks' Web Site.  Receipts are issued at the end of each term and you can take these to Centrelink to find out about rebates.

    For further information please contact the preschool.

    Please note we do not have 'on-line' payment facilities such as EFTPOS. See our fees policy for further details.

    How can parents work in partnership with the preschool?

    We recognise that parents are their child's first teacher and we place a lot of value on parent involvement.

    We are a non-profit based community preschool and registered charity, administered by a management committee made up of parent/carers elected at the Annual General Meeting. All parents/carers are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings and also if you have an interest you would like to share with the children please see your child's teacher to arrange a time, e.g cooking, craft, playing an instrument etc..

    Also parents can help out with working bees and fundraisers which are held throughout the year.

    How does the waiting list work?

    Applications for enrolment are taken at any time, however, children need to have reached their 3rd birthday to be eligible for attendance at Preschool. Families may place a child's name on the waiting list by presenting a completed Wait list form. 

    Please note that being on the waiting list does not guarantee a placement. Children are offered places as per date of application for enrolment, age and children based in Brunswick Heads are placed first. The attendance rolls for the following Preschool year are finalised by the Director in Term 3. As per our agreement with the Department of Education & Communities, priority may be given at the discretion of the Director to children with additional needs, non-English speaking background, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Positions will be offered in order of date of application.

    I have other questions and concerns. Who do I talk to?

    If you have any questions or problems regarding your child, the Director or staff will be happy to speak with you at arrival or departure time or make an appointment for a longer discussion.

    Similarly, if you have any worries regarding the centre, please discuss them with the Director or the President. We would much prefer you to talk freely about your child's or your own worries when they arise and before they become big problems.

    The best time to have a chat is always between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.