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About Us

Welcome to Lilly Pilly Little School, Brunswick Heads.  We offer a calm, nurturing and joyous preschool environment for children of preschool age in purpose built facilities owned by Byron Shire Council.  Our friendly educators include 10 experienced staff, led by the Preschool Director, Nikki Farrell. Our team at Lilly Pilly is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children. As a Community Preschool, Lilly Pilly is run and managed by a parent committee and all parents are encouraged to become involved.

Our facilities include two beautiful Playrooms; the Honey Hum Hive Playroom and the Frangipani Flower Friends Playroom where all the magic of the preschool day happens.  We offer two 5 day fortnight groups for children three and a half to five years old.

Our mantra is the three R's: Rhyme, Repetition and Rythym.

Our program is a very rhythmical one and is the heart of everything we do at Lilly Pilly as we understand the importance of predictability for our young children.  We sing, play and create all day!  Our program is arranged to strike a balance between free play - in which the child uses their own initiative - and general activities in which the whole group participates. There is a daily mix of play and rest, creativity and receptivity, free play and listening. We aim for the preschool environment to encourage creative play as play is the child's "work". They learn to solve problems, anticipate difficulties, plan ahead, communicate with others, negotiate differences and ask for guidance and help when necessary. It is crucial, therefore, to create a space that allows them to play creatively and imaginatively.  Read more about our program here...